Spiritual & Emotional

Coaching for your

Mind, Body & Espíritu

Cabeza. Cuerpo. Corazón. Espíritu.

Chingona Living was born out of a deep desire to help women LIVE passionately, empowered, and free. As a spiritual & emotional curandera, I help you down-regulate your nervous system, quit giving power to your ego, release limiting fears and belief systems, connect to your valores, love your body, align with your espíritu, and live your most chingona life.

spiritual & emotional coaching

Here are a few ejemplos of how my unique system of coaching will help you!

Sitting and Laughing Woman

From Day 1, you'll have a clear image of how you will manifest what you desire most in the key areas of your life, like SALUD VIBRANTE, a loving & respectful relationship with your body, and trust in the knowing that you are here to shine and be happy, Amiga!

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You'll free yourself of the physical, mental & emotional weight that keeps you atorada in sabotaging behaviors, negative thought loops, relaciones toxicas, and anything that is not aligned with what your espíritu has in store for you.

Woman Working at Home with Laptop and Phone

You'll quit giving the power to your ego and take ownership of your pensamientos, emociones & spiritual practices. You will create a lifestyle that nourishes your cuerpazo, strengthens your cabeza, calms your corazón and honors your valores.

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You'll change the relationship that you have with el p*nche estrés and create new hábitos so you enjoy mental clarity, a light & confident body, and the certainty that you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

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You'll release the feeling of guilt everytime you speak your truth and set healthy boundaries that protect your sanity & focus your efforts on what matters most in your preciosa vida.

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You'll stop looking externally for your peace, confidence and poder to achieve your desires. You'll be inspired by the vision of the dynamic future that your divine & higher self get to create!

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De Chillona a Chingona®

membresía club virtual

Amiga, it’s time to go...

From crybaby to badass.

De victima a poderosa.

From ego-centered to love-centered.

De sabotearte a amarte plenamente.

From emotionally unhealthy to emotionally intelligent.

Esta es tu jornada.

Plantas Divinas

Some of the work we do may include plantas divinas because of their unique ability to tap into parts of our unconscious that are usually guarded and inaccessible. For example, essential oils are a BIG part of our journey together, and you can trust them to be safe, gentle, and effective.

Panoramic banner with bottles of aromatherapy essential oil and frankincense

Let’s talk about the magia of plantas divinas & essential oils to elevate your total bienestar!

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Work with Me Options

Multiethnic employees talk on video zoom call

De Chillona a Chingona virtual club is only

$10/month or $100/yr.

dried herbs

Any plantas divinas used to support your journey are priced separately.

Mi Misión

Latinas navigate between two worlds – dos culturas – that don’t always support our wellness and our growth. That is why I’ve made it my life’s work to empower you with herramientas that support your physical body, mental health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual alignment. Every mujer was born to be a Chingona, and it is through my work that I am bringing healing to nuestra comunidad y futuras generaciones.

Spiritual & Emotional

Coaching for your

Mind, Body & Espíritu

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