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Cosas for your Cabeza, Cuerpo, y Corazón

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The Chingona Wellness Plan

This consists of 5 supplements that support a healthy gut microbiome, physical energy levels, memory & cognition, vibrant immunity, strong bones & muscles, heart health, restful sleep and more. By no means is this the answer to ALL your issues, yet it is an incredible start to you feeling like the Chingona you are meant to be.

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Chingona Peri/Meno Support Kit

If you are in peri/menopause (like me), your body is undergoing BIG changes and requires additional support. That's what the Chingona Peri/Meno Support Kit is intended to give you - additional support through supplements like adaptogens, pre- and probiotics, herbs, magnesium and other ingredients that are intended to promote healthy stress responses, healthy blood glucose levels, healthy digestion, healthy weight, healthy hormones, healthy sleep patterns, and anything else that might not be quite so healthy right now.

$5 eBooks that Enlighten

Everything is connected, Amiguis! That’s why I spend a lot of time coaching my clients on ways to nourish their mind & body with natural solutions and these $5 eBooks that I wrote are incredible resources to help you on your journey to Chingona Wellness. ¡Cómpralos hoy!

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I start EVERY MORNING with AG1 by Athletic Greens and love how CHINGONA I feel!

  • 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals and whole-food sourced nutrients to support your brain, body, and gut
  • Helps you build a healthy daily habit that takes less than one minute per day
  • Promotes gut health, supports immune health, boosts energy, and more!

Cafe de Olla is a special treat for me nowadays. On a daily, I drink Ryze Mushroom Coffee and my barriga has never been mas feliz!

Loaded with adaptogenic mushrooms, Ryze coffee blend delivers calmer energia, sharper focus, and immune support for a balanced cuerpo and clear cabeza. Taste? Smooth, creamy, y delicioso. All with less than half the caffeine of normal coffee. No jitters, no crash.

Assorted Homeopathic Essential Oils

Essential Oils for a Chingona Lifestyle

Aceites esenciales have been a part of my daily life and used for just about everything at Casa Quintanilla. We use them to support our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. We use them to clean. We use them to cook. Para dolores. Para la piel. En el jardin... there are hundreds of ways to use them and one 30-minute conversation with me will help you get started easily. ¡Platiquemos, Amiguis!